Multi-Media Birthday Cards? They’re Here!

SparklerHave you seen the prices for greeting cards lately? A simple card can cost as much as $3.00. And those special ones with the embedded voice chips can cost as much as $5.00!  All that money spent only to have them end up at the bottom of a recycle bin.  Seriously, do you remember the last birthday card you got? We don’t.

So we created Gltyr™, a new mobile app that will bring your birthday card to life with video, audio, photos and text, all together in one place. Takes less than 5 minutes. And it won’t be thrown out! Here’s an example:

It’s your favorite cousin’s birthday today. You download Gltyr™ and open it up on your iPhone. Upload that cute pic of the bulldog blowing out a candle. Done. Grab a few friends and record “Happy Birthday to you”. Done. Now for a fun video selfie wishing your cousin “happy birthday!” and wish you were there to celebrate it with him. Blah blah blah. Done. Oh, one more thing. Jot down a special birthday text. Done. Now text him the link. Done.

He gets it, opens it, loves it (and you for sending it!), shares it with his friends.  Hangs on to it. Shows it to your aunt later. And so on. Your Gltyr Card™ will be kept, shared and most of all be remembered.

Whose birthday is coming up? Why not blow them away with a Gltyr birthday card. All you have to do is go to iTunes or Google Play and download the app right now. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be ready to share your first Gltyr Card™!

P.S. Send us the link; we’ll post it!

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