Short-Form Videos: Great for Short Attention Spans, But What About Lasting Impressions?

ScreenHunter_272 Apr. 07 09.45Move over YouTube! According to imediaconnection, 200 million+ users are now using mobile based short-form videos such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. And amazingly enough, about a year ago they were virtually unheard of! Some more stats: 5 people tweet a Vine link every second. Instagram videos are twice as likely to engage people as Instagram photos. And, for those businesses out there, a short-form branded video is 4 times more likely to be seen than a traditional YouTube-branded video.

Where to use them? Here are 3 areas where using short-form videos can give new life to traditional “old school” text and photo format.

1) Resumes That Get Noticed. Job seekers are increasingly using video to create personalized introductions that show off their poise, personality and presence to prospective employers.
2) Unique Business cards. Especially professionals such as realtors, dentists, doctors, or therapists who want to establish trust and make prospective clients feel comfortable with a short introductory video.
3) Creative Birthday greetings. Cards are out, videos are in. Who wouldn’t rather watch a video with their friends singing “happy birthday” than open a squawking $5 dollar card?

Can short-form videos be too short and too fleeting? Not with new mobile apps like GLTYR, that lets you combine short-form video with audio, text and photo for a 365 degree sharing experience. The app actually creates a mini website that can be sent as a link via an email to anyone, anywhere. And they don’t need to sign into an account or be a member of something just to see them.

Short-form video is definitely here to stay. But understand its limits. To really bring your message to life, you might want to check out the free GLTYR app. You can try it here.


GLTYR (pronounced “glitter) is an affordable, quick and easy way to powerfully communicate your message as a multimedia web page that can be created, edited and shared entirely from a mobile device at anytime from anywhere. GLTYR is widely used by individuals, organizations and services with extremely limited marketing budgets including schools, non-profits, small-businesses and individual service providers.