Video Tips: How to Make the Best Impression in Thirty Seconds

Teacher using GLTYRWhether it’s to explain your services to potential clients or to add to a resume, many people turn to video as a good media to introduce themselves, their talents, or their businesses to prospective clients or employers. It’s a great idea because your audience gets to hear your message straight from you. So here are some tips for presenting yourself in video:

1)      Never read your message! Take notes and take the time to practice what you plan to say. Set a timer so that you don’t run out of time before your message is complete.

2)      Slow down. Speak clearly, but naturally.

3)      Sit or stand straight. Hunched shoulders make you appear weak and drag your message down.

4)      Make sure your light source is in front of you, not behind you or you will drown in back lit shadows.

5)      Look straight into the camera (or iPhone) lens. It speaks volumes about your confidence level and sincerity.

6)      Keep it short. Thirty seconds is preferable. That’s why we use 30 seconds for our GLTYR commercials.

7)      Smile.

These tips apply regardless of how casual or formal your video presentation is. At GLTYR we know how motivating, moving and dynamic video can be. That’s why GLTYR allows you to re-film your video over and over again, until you get it right.

Today, videos are one of the most powerful tools to make an impression. Make sure you get the basics right, and your message will come shining through.


GLTYR (pronounced “glitter) is an affordable, quick and easy way to powerfully communicate your message as a multimedia web page that can be created, edited and shared entirely from a mobile device at anytime from anywhere. GLTYR is widely used by individuals, organizations and services with extremely limited marketing budgets including schools, non-profits, small-businesses and individual service providers.