The 4-D Elevator Pitch in Thirty seconds

ScreenHunter_251 Mar. 04 09.45The Elevator Pitch has taken on a new look and feel, as more businesses incorporate multimedia into their promotional campaigns. When was the last time you took a hard look at your elevator pitch? What shape is it in? How would it play in a multimedia format?

Here are some thoughts for breathing new life into your elevator pitch using the 4-dimensional or “4-D” multimedia format of GLTYR.

First the pitch itself should flow like this:

[our company, or I] provide XXX [product/service] to xxx [your target market] to [describe the problem you solve for them]. Unlike [name your competitors] who [describe the way they tackle the problem that is inferior] we [describe how you are unique and a better choice].

Once you’ve perfected the pitch, you are ready for the 4-D version:

  • Photo: Decide what visual best depicts your service or product and take a high quality photo of it. If you provide a service yourself, you should consider a head shot or a photo of you “in action” working with your clientele.
  • Audio: Either let a client say a few words or briefly describe yourself and how you differentiate your services from others. This should not last longer than 30 seconds.
  • Text: A short statement about your services with a “call to action” works well in text. Perhaps you have a free offer or a website with coupons or other information. Put this in text format.
  • Video: This is the best way to show off your skills or your company because the viewer can see and hear you. Prepare a short introduction, but keep it spontaneous and genuine. With GLTYR you can create videos of up to 30 seconds and you can re-take as many times as you need to get it right.

GLTYR actually creates a small website, so there is plenty of flexibility as to how you use it. You can easily make on-the-spot changes to any portion of it. Once finalized, share the link. Embed it in your emails, send it in a text message or email, put it on your website. The GLTYR link is yours to use, modify on the fly and sell your business!