How To Make a “Spot” Commercial For Your Business

Katie Lapooza resizedIf you are selling a service, rather than a product, then you know that the way you present yourself is a big part of the sale. Doctors, dentists, therapists, realtors, financial advisors—all need to find ways to communicate their messages effectively with their prospective clients.

As more affordable forms of video become available, visual messaging has become an excellent way to share a service or product with prospects. Now companies can create inexpensive “commercials” shot in casual locations, often within the business itself. Prospects are more prone to buy from a company they can “see and touch” rather than one hiding behind expensive print ads. These short “spot” commercials can be very effective as a way to tell your story and infuse it with your personal trustworthiness in the process. However, if not planned out properly, even the shortest commercial can work against you and your company. It starts with a good storyboard. A storyboard is basically a plan that describes how you will get your message across to your audience.

Here are some tips for preparing a good storyboard:

1)      Create your opening. Identify your name, your title, your business by function and, if you are local, reference your location “right here in downtown XXX”.

2)      Briefly outline what you do in conjunction with the problem you are solving for people. “We help people who need to find a home quickly.” This way you are quickly identifying your target market and an issue that you personally help solve.

3)      Identify 1-2 key differentiators for the body of your presentation. This becomes a short statement of how you approach your business and clientele differently from your competitors. “Other providers do xxxx, we believe it makes more sense to yyyy.”

4)      Finally, create a strong closing. Invite your audience to contact you and let them know you truly welcome the opportunity to meet them. Keep this personable, warm and always close with a smile.

Above all practice your commercial. Mobile apps like GLTYR allow you to reshoot your commercial over and over again, quickly while you have your momentum going, without a long “retake” process   more formal programs require. For more information on creating commercials and to download the GLTYR commercial app, visit


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