Realtors: How to Compete in a Crowded Marketplace

27075028_sFor every home buyer or seller, there are dozens of realtors clamoring to be the one whose phone rings. If you are a realtor struggling to compete with all the other realtors in your area, how do you increase your chances of getting the business? Depending upon the type of agent you are, what kinds of properties you represent, and how you operate, the answer to that question will differ. But there are five attributes that most realtors agree build trust with their clients and help gain the competitive edge.

  • Be super responsive. Call clients back—-now! Great realtors know that each of their clients wants to feel as if he or she is their only client. It’s not always easy to do but, with today’s technology, there is very little excuse not to be reachable and responsive as close to 24/7 as possible.
  • Optimize your use of technology. Smart phones and the internet have really paved the way for realtors to reach more people and to access more inventory. There are also marketing apps, such as GLTYR, that put you in control of that critical “first impression” and include video components so that you can personally “introduce yourself” to prospective clients.
  • Know your neighborhoods. Successful realtors are quickly able to identify a close match between their clients and homes that fit their profiles. That means intimately knowing the neighborhoods and being able to present several well-matched property options to your clients.
  • Network, network, network. Ask any good realtor how they became successful and most will tell you “I’d be nowhere without my network.” Networks of other agents, brokers, appraisers, lenders; all are critical to maintaining a healthy supply of leads and inventory. It may take years to develop these networks, so start now.
  • Consider your clients to be clients for life. No ‘one and done’ here. Once you’ve sold someone a property, never let them go. That means Christmas cards, occasional mailings, staying in front of them. Keep your name uppermost in their minds. They’ll pass it along!

Of course, you must keep your people skills razor sharp, have proper training, keep on top of the latest laws and regulations. But using your technology, being responsive, networking and knowing your neighborhood are mission critical to your success. Make them your top priorities and you’ll start to see your client list grow.


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