Three Ways Successful Realtors Use Multimedia to Build Trust and Clientele: Are You Doing These?

photo realtor consulting with coupleRealtors know that each prospective buyer will react differently to each property they show. Selling real estate, after all, is a very personal business. Being able to adjust to the style, preferences and personalities of clients is critical to establishing confidence and building their trust.

Today’s successful realtors are using multimedia presentations to differentiate the way they communicate with each prospective client, taking advantage of the many tools that are now available. Gaining in popularity are short multimedia ‘commercials’ for properties with video, text, audio and photos. Some tools, such as GLTYR, actually create small websites, each with a unique link.

Here are three ways that you, too, can use multimedia to jumpstart or reinvigorate your efforts:

1)      Introduce yourself. Nothing personalizes your services and your own expertise like a warm smile, a friendly voice and a demonstration of your expertise. Create a different video or audio introduction for each type of client you have.

2)      Share your knowledge in short video clips. Provide a ‘tip of the week’ for home owners. This can be a simple audio tip or a photo with text.

3)      Use spot video ‘commercials’ to showcase different styles of properties. Pair each video with an information sheet that relates to that specific audience.

Are you using multimedia effectively? If not, you may quickly lose ground to your competition. Start familiarizing yourself with the platforms available. If you use a tool such as GLTYR, be sure to embed your multimedia web ‘links’ into each email or on your listing sites. It’s a great way to extend the reach of your messaging in a unique and very personal way that will make you stand out and get noticed.


GLTYR (pronounced “glitter) is an affordable, quick and easy way to powerfully communicate your message as a multimedia web page that can be created, edited and shared entirely from a mobile device at anytime from anywhere. GLTYR is widely used by individuals, organizations and services with extremely limited marketing budgets including schools, non-profits, small-businesses and individual service providers.