Attorneys: Are You Doing These Four Things to Get Clients?

Two business peopleMarketing doesn’t always come naturally to lawyers, especially when it involves using technologies such as SEO and social media. Unless you are already employed with a law firm, however, you will need to find ways to market your practice and, most importantly, yourself. Most lawyers who aren’t getting new business are either unaware of the business development activities they need to do be doing or they simply don’t know how to get started —- or both!

Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Clarify your product. What’s your specialty and why are you particularly good at what you do? How do your services benefit your clients? This will form the core of your value proposition; a clear statement of who you serve, what you do and how you differentiate from your competitors.
  2. Know your client. Your clientele will be very different depending upon your area of concentration. Furthermore, their demographics may have changed. Get up to date on who they are and how they are motivated.
  3. Find out where your clients go to find out about your services and how they prefer to communicate. Many, of course, get referrals from friends and family or simply search online for services. Most, if not all, will be using smart phones. Older clients may still prefer print advertising and mailers. Being where your ideal clients are is critical to building your brand.
  4. Get familiar with new media. Today people want to “hear and see” their service providers. It is key to building trust up front. Lawyers are using video, audio, photos and social media and tools the combine all media such as GLTYR, to share their messages in unique and personal ways that match their audience.

Doing your homework up front will help you create a program that communicates in the “voice” of your target client and reaches them where they are and in the way that best suits their communication style.


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