Building Trust with Your Clients: Are You Using Technology to Share?

ID-100224081If you provide services you know that you, yourself, are a large part of your service. With so many other providers available to consumers, standing out among the crowd has never been more challenging.

Service providers — doctors, lawyers, teachers, realtors, etc. — are typically evaluated on a much more personal basis than a commercial business, such as a grocery store or a product, such as a car. And one of the most important attributes that consumers regularly mention when questioned about what goes into their selection of a service provider is “trust”. According to business guru and author, Tom Peters, “Technique and technology are important, but adding trust is the issue of the decade”.

A great way to build trust is through sharing — sharing who we are and what we do to make prospective clients feel as if they already know us. Technology can fuel the process by providing multiple media formats to bring your unique personal services to life. Here are a few ways you can use technology to “share”:

Share yourself:

How do you greet a prospective client? Warmly, with a handshake, a smile and a pleasant demeanor? Express yourself in a short introductory video. Smile, relax and speak to your audience as though they are across the table from you. An informal approach works better today, especially with younger clients. Be sure to use a tool that makes it easy to re-record your message. You’ll want to practice!

Share your business:

Do you have a collection of photos of your clients or of your business in action? Share them on your website or via the many technology tools* available. It’s true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so make sure you are showing them off!

Share your expertise:

Record tips and insight using videos and blogs. Find mobile apps that are easy to use on-the-spot to keep your content fresh and relevant. Update your blogs a minimum of once per month.

Keep all your shared videos, blogs and photos in a common place; preferably a website. Be sure to share your link within your signatory line on all your email correspondence.

*GLTYR combines video, audio, photos and text together in one easy to use mobile app. Using GLTYR you can instantly ‘give life to your reality’ and show off the very best of who you are and what you have to offer. GLTYR automatically creates an attractive website containing your media and profile. You can send GLTYR links to anyone, anywhere or add a GLTYR link at the bottom of your emails to help you stand out in a highly original way.

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