Building Trust with Your Clients: Getting the Coveted ‘Testimonial’

Stuart Miles free digital imagesWhen you provide a service, trust takes a central role in building long lasting relationships. One of the best ways to build trust is through the words of clients. But, while service professionals know how important recommendations and testimonials are, most have a hard time soliciting them. In other words, it’s easier to help your clients than it is to ask for their help.

Here are some tips for harnessing the voice of your customers and getting those valuable statements that build the trust necessary to attract others to your services.

  1. Pave the way from the start. Consider including a testimonial as part of your contract. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory, but make it clear from the beginning that “if we do our job to your satisfaction, we may ask for you to share your experience” or similar phrasing. The client is then put into the mindset of expecting to possibly be asked to share his or her thoughts at some point.
  2. Strike while the iron is hot! Depending upon the services you provide, when a client expresses appreciation, ask if they might share their words more formally. If they send you a positive follow up email, espousing your amazing services, ask if you may add their comments to your client comments list. Sometimes hearing that others have also given consent makes it easier to commit.
  3. Make it easy. If you ask a client to jump through hoops just to leave a comment, they are much more likely to either put it off or backtrack in their efforts if they hit any barriers, such as a website that doesn’t load properly. Gaining in popularity, especially with younger clients, is using video or audio to record a client’s statement. Tools such as GLTYR make it super easy to record and re-record until they are happy with their statement. Those testimonials can easily be shared, with a link dropped into an email or signatory line. And your client doesn’t need to lift a finger.

Finally, make sure to thank your clients for their kind words. And listen to those who aren’t as comfortable with giving a recommendation; it may be that there are things you can improve upon that would make them more apt to speak out. Nothing is more valuable than constructive criticism, after all!

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