Selling to Millennials? Do a Multimedia ‘Selfie’ of Your Business

ID-100251676The Oxford dictionary selected ‘selfie’ as the word of the year in 2013. The millennial generation is thriving and clearly focused on products and services that put them and their friends at the center. Why else would the ‘selfie’ have become so popular? They also, according to a study by Crowdtap, apt to trust a company 50% more when their content is user-generated. That means they tend to distrust anything too slick, too over-produced, preferring random evaluations and posts from friends and colleagues.

That might work great for a company in gaming or electronics, where consumers can evaluate hands-on, make videos of themselves in the process, and then write their own reviews. But how can retailers and service-oriented businesses provide this new generation of clientele with a sense of informality and transparency, while keeping control of their content and brand?

Consider doing a ‘selfie’ of your own business. If you run a small business or provide a service, why not make an on-the-spot commercial with a short introduction, a tour of your office, and insert an audio or video of a satisfied customer. By doing a commercial ‘selfie’, you are in effect removing the wall that often keeps business at arms distance from its clients and letting them experience you and your business up front and personal.

If you hope to tap the huge and growing millennial market, getting creative with how you present your company and your ‘self’ can make all the difference.

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