Selling to Millennials? Three Ways to ‘Do it Their Way’

ID-10054986How many of your customers are millennials? More than you might realize. Believe it or not, the oldest of the millennial generation will be turning 37 next year. They aren’t just kids anymore. This is a whole new generation who looks at technology much differently than GenX or baby boomers. And technology is at the core of almost every interaction this demographic group has with businesses — primarily mobile technology. Here are three key ways that mobile technology is being used by millennials, and how you need to respond:

  1. Communicating: Smart phones have taken over as the number one way to connect to others and to the internet. Businesses need to market to smart phone users in the way they are accustomed to: with short texts, photos, videos and easy to follow links to responsive websites, which are highly visual and easy to scroll through. There are some apps available, like GLTYR, that take only minutes to create and are not expensive.
  2. Engaging: Millennials expect to ‘get to know’ a business before they buy from it. Transparency is key. Replace your impersonal, copy-heavy websites and brochures with more personal engagement, such as unrehearsed on-the-fly videos and photos. Invite them in, don’t fence them out!
  3. Taking Action: Millennials are using their smart phones to order everything from pizza to concert tickets; and even to conduct bank business. Make sure you are enabling mobile appointment booking, ordering and communications. Not doing so could be a deal breaker.

To market and sell to millennials you need to be where they are; on their smart phones. Don’t make the mistake of continuing old school marketing tactics. You will drive business away and, in the process, drive yourself out of business.

GLTYR (pronounced “glitter) is an affordable, quick and easy way to powerfully communicate your message as a multimedia web page that can be created, edited and shared entirely from a mobile device at anytime from anywhere. GLTYR is widely used by individuals, organizations and services with extremely limited marketing budgets including schools, non-profits, small-businesses and individual service providers.


Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/