How Mobile Apps Help Schools Spotlight Themselves and Their Students

ID-100212511Back to School Night, Open House, and various orientations and events — all are great ways that schools routinely share their ‘behind the scenes’ with students and parents. But today’s ‘me’ generation of parents wants more and they are getting it in the form of short-form (30 seconds or less) multi-media snapshots of children and teachers in their natural setting.

A wave of new mobile apps are now available to show off the students and their schools to each other and to a new ‘me’ generation of parents who are eager to see their kids in starring roles in their own short-form action films.

Schools are now using popular short-form video with text and photos to create the following:

  • ‘Living Yearbook’ videos of and by the students
  • ‘Behind-the-scenes’ candid video shots
  • Student and teacher interviews
  • ‘Student of the Month’ videos
  • Teacher introductions and special messages to parents
  • Principal messages

Multi-media apps, such as GLTYR, are being downloaded by the thousands and deployed on the spot to allow schools to share a more intimate view of themselves, encouraging students to play a central role, doing their own ‘selfie’ videos and interviewing other students and teachers. Time will tell how rapidly this technology outpaces traditional forms of school and student promotion. Given the success of iPhones in the hands of the ‘selfie’ generation, however, it’s a good bet it will be sooner, rather than later.


GLTYR (pronounced “glitter”) is  a mobile multimedia content creation platform that helps realtors with extremely limited marketing budgets to quickly engage and establish trust with their customers. GLTYR is a very simple marketing app that creates a compelling story complete with picture, audio, video and text to capture the your audience attention quickly and build trust right away.  A GLTYR can be created, edited and shared entirely from your smart phone at anytime from anywhere to anyone in five minutes or less.