3 Ways Multi-Media is Igniting Real Estate Marketing

27075028_sAccording to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) over 90% of home buyers are now finding their agents online. Real estate agents who are still using traditional marketing methods would be wise to tune into some of the technology available to not only make their jobs easier, but make their properties more accessible to prospective clients.

Clearly the tools of the trade are changing and real estate agents are taking advantage of them. Below are 3 platforms that are rapidly changing the promotional landscape for real estate agents:

  1. Websites: For agents serious about building clientele this is simply a must. There are templates and sites that now make it easy to create your own website. There are even multi-media mobile apps that that do this automatically, with minimal input needed from you.
  2. YouTube: Often used to show off properties, YouTube can also be used by agents to introduce themselves, their areas of expertise and the properties they are representing. It isn’t difficult to create your own ‘channel’. As an added benefit, search engines like YouTube, so you can use it to drive more traffic to your website.
  3. Short-form Video/Spot Commercials: Affordable and flexible, agents are using spot commercials with short form video to introduce themselves and properties. Home buyers like the authenticity of on-location property spotlights. There are apps available that make it easy to create and edit commercials and send them to anyone, anywhere.

Today’s world is a mobile world. Home buyers are using the internet, often via smart phones, to quickly access information about real estate agents serving their areas. They want information, photos and video quickly, all in one place where they can view it at their convenience. Multi-media, along with today’s mobile apps are making this possible. If you are an agent, you can be sure that your competition is already using this technology. Are you?


GLTYR (pronounced “glitter”) is  a mobile multimedia content creation platform that helps realtors with extremely limited marketing budgets to quickly engage and establish trust with their customers. GLTYR is a very simple marketing app that creates a compelling story complete with picture, audio, video and text to capture the your audience attention quickly and build trust right away.  A GLTYR can be created, edited and shared entirely from your smart phone at anytime from anywhere to anyone in five minutes or less.