Five Trust-Building Questions For Real Estate Agents: Can You Answer Them?

GLTYR real estate marketingSeasoned real estate agents know the importance of establishing trust and building confidence with their prospective clients. Unfortunately, that trust can be hard earned. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 67.5% of Americans surveyed indicated a distrust of real estate agents.

Part of building trust is being open with clients about your experience, track record and reputation. Today, with access to real estate agent rating sites and how-to articles, buyers and sellers come to the table prepared with tough questions designed to separate the great agents from the not-so-great ones. Below are five key questions that you should be prepared to answer with confidence.

  • May I speak with some of your recent clients? Be ready with the names of at least 3 recent clients, each of whom has agreed in advance to be contacted.
  • Are you certified? Of course you are! But make sure you are able to readily list off all your certifications as well as any relevant professional affiliations.
  • How long have you been a realtor? If your answer is less than 5 years, be prepared for some push back. You’ll need to quickly put a positive spin on being relatively new in the business (e.g. working harder to build reputation, energy and fresh approach).
  • May I see some of your other current listings? Make sure you are able to quickly identify and provide details on your other listings.
  • What other houses have sold around here recently? Even if they are were not your sales, make sure you are well aware of the movement of inventory in the area.

Of course, the smartest move is to be proactive and provide this information up front. Why wait to be asked? Create a Q&A section on your website. Create a short 30-second multimedia ad to introduce yourself and answer key questions up front. Use video to let clients ‘get to know you’ before you meet in person. There are multimedia marketing tools that can help. The more prepared you are in advance, the more confident and trustworthy you will be perceived.


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