Real Estate Agents: To get the sale, sell yourself!

23996717_sIf you ask a realtor to describe how he or she prospects for new clients, most likely you will get a description of how they are marketing their properties — postcard mail-out campaigns, websites with panoramic photos of their inventory, enticing descriptions of property amenities, to name a few.

Many agents would say that their properties take center stage. Equally important to selling properties, however, is learning how to sell yourself. Here are four attributes that you need to cultivate to keep your clients and prospects engaged with you, not your competition:

  • Trust. One of the biggest hurdles for agents, is coming up against pre-conceived attitudes fueled by bad experiences with unethical agents. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 67.5% of Americans surveyed indicated a distrust of real estate agents. So you need to work hard to build that trust as early in the relationship as possible. Clarify your clients’ goals up front. Take the extra time to explain how you work and encourage them to ask questions. Be prepared to respond thoroughly and clearly to each. There are mobile apps available which allow you to create short multimedia introductions and property updates. These can be helpful tools to support your in-person efforts and stay in front of your client.
  • Responsiveness. According to Marty Green at, realtors should be in touch with clients 26-32 times a year. As for day to day communications; make it a goal to never let more than 2 hours pass before you respond to a client’s call in the daytime. Calls received later in the evening should be returned the next morning. No exceptions. You may be busy, but your client is waiting for that call.
  • Plugged in and connected. In addition to showing off properties ‘just sold’, send clients short updates as to what’s happening in their communities. Are prices falling? What’s the latest news? You need to show that you are connected to the communities you serve. As for properties you’ve sold, use social media and mobile apps to create short videos of the property, with a personal introduction by you.
  • Easy to work with. What one client finds appealing, another may find off-putting. Don’t let your own personality get in the way of the relationship. Learn to ‘mirror’ the style of each client. Take their lead. Be pleasant, friendly and learn when to push and when to hold back.

All the above are highly personalized ways of getting connected to your prospect community. But don’t ignore the power of today’s technology. Multimedia apps are now available specifically for real estate agents. Make it a point to check them out carefully. Then use the ones that work for you.

Finally, make sure you keep your trust-building activities consistent. Don’t let up. As seasoned realtors know, it takes time to build a reputation and a client network. Remain diligent, stay focused and watch your business begin to grow and thrive.


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