Marketing for Real Estate Professionals: Is Video Enough?

photo realtor consulting with coupleThe use of video as a ‘personal introduction’ tool for real estate professionals is starting to gain serious traction for realtors who want to stand out in the crowd. A recent blog by Wade Van der Molen for Inman mentions five important goals for realtors to strive for in 2015. They are all good, but one that really caught our attention is goal #3: Get in Front of a Camera. According to Wade, “Most agents don’t use video in their business, which is precisely why you should!” We couldn’t agree more. Video is a great tool for realtors to introduce themselves and build trust among potential clients. We urge you to read the entire blog as all the suggestions are useful and provide details to get realtors moving in the right direction.

Van der Molen’s Goal #5, by the way, urges real estate agents to create their own websites; uniquely branded to them. Another great idea.

But why aren’t we seeing more mobile apps that pull video, audio, text and photos all together? Websites, while important, typically require searching and digging; something nobody has time for anymore. Developers need to focus on bringing more apps to market that allow users to create and share short do-it-yourself ‘commercials’ containing videos, text, audio, and a photo to spotlight their latest property offerings.

The good news is that many of the real estate agents we’ve spoken to are starting to come around. They are ready to engage with clients in new ways. Video, yes. Websites, yes. But brought together and integrated for today’s younger clientele who demand everything in one neat, simple link, updated regularly. Tailored for mobile use, rather than generic websites and hard copy postcards.

As you may have guessed, our GLTYR multimedia app does just that. But where are the other multimedia apps? The point we would like to make is to encourage others to build nimble, multimedia apps as well. It makes our industry stronger. Selling real estate is challenging enough. Why not make the marketing as simple as possible?


GLTYR is a mobile multimedia content creation and sharing service for real estate professionals and other small business service providers to quickly engage and build trust with their customers. GLTYR makes it faster, simpler and less expensive to create multimedia ads than what currently exists today.

GLTYR integrates one or more of audio, video, picture and text along with real time updates from anywhere at any time to anyone in five minutes or less,  and renders them across different interfaces including phone, tablet and the desktop. For more information, and to try it out, please visit