Real Estate Professionals: Two Key Ways to Augment Your Website Presence

website workWebsites are necessary. They serve not only as a platform for showcasing your properties, but as a useful tool to share expertise, knowledge and build trust among clientele and prospects. Even the best of websites, however, can’t do everything. They need dedicated human involvement in a minimum of three areas:

  • Visibility: SEO, advertising and active back linking are usually needed to get a decent page rank so that your audience will find your site.
  • Regular upkeep: Having no website is better than one that’s out-of-date. Time and effort is required to keep the site current and the content relevant.
  • Navigation: You need to make sure that key information and links are easily accessible. If prospects need to go digging — well, they won’t.

Of course the problem is time and resources. And, unless you have a designated webmaster keeping everything up to date, chances are you will quickly fall behind. The good news is that for realtors ‘on the go’ there are social media platforms and a growing number of mobile apps available to take some of the pressure off your overburdened website. At the very minimum, we recommend that you:

  1. Use a Mobile Marketing App. According to a recent blog in Inman by David Greenberg, 89% of buyers use mobile in their real estate searches; and 77% even use mobile from their homes! Apps that allow you to make multimedia commercials ‘on the go’ are gaining in popularity. They often roll together video, audio, text and photos, and can take as little as 5 minutes to make. Some create url links that can be sent out to anyone, any time.
  2. Get a YouTube channel (and use it!). It’s easy to post property videos and your own personal messages on YouTube. Simply upload videos from your iPhone. Plus, the search engines love YouTube, so you may get an added boost in website visitors.

Once you start getting more ‘real time’ visibility via other platforms and apps, you can trim down that over-stuffed, outdated website to a cleaner, leaner site with key information, some great photos, a couple videos, your own bio, and customer testimonials.

By the way, in addition to mobile marketing apps, there are some great time-saver apps out there to make your day-to-day life easier. We found another great article by Richard Silver that lists some ‘must have’ apps. Check them out. And while we’re at it, we invite you to test drive an exciting new marketing app, GLTYR. Let us know what you think.


GLTYR is a mobile multimedia content creation and sharing service for real estate professionals and other small business service providers to quickly engage and build trust with their customers. GLTYR makes it faster, simpler and less expensive to create multimedia ads than what currently exists today.