Five Sure Ways For Realtors to Get Your Newsletters Opened and Read

opening newsletterIf you are a realtor and you are not yet distributing your own newsletter, you are missing out on a key element of marketing that can positively impact your sales in 2015. If you are avoiding a newsletter because you feel they are ‘a waste of time and never get opened’, think again. Most of the mistakes that result in unopened newsletters can be avoided. Here are 5 key tips to make yours fresh, inviting and useful.

1. A strong subject line. Keep it short and interesting. There are lots of good articles on ‘subject line’ and ‘no-no’ words that will land your newsletter in the spam filter. Here is a good one on words to avoid.

2. The briefer, the better. Make each ‘tip’ or article as short as possible. For longer articles, provide a brief synopsis with a link back to the full article on your website. Rule of thumb: Try to keep your longest article under 300 words.

3. Provide real value. Resist the impulse to sell! Always include at least one tip and one shared insight. Leave the sales pitch to the ‘About me’ section and a ‘contact me’ button.

4. Include fresh video. These can be personally delivered tips, interesting facts about a neighborhood or a property overview. There are inexpensive mobile apps that allow you to do ‘selfie’ videos while you’re on the go.

5. Segment your list. As Drew Meyers, founder of Geek Estate Blogs, asks in a blog about e-mail marketing: “Are you having conversations, and building a real community with your list?” By segmenting your lists to specific geographical areas or demographics, your articles and tips can be more targeted and, therefore more relevant to each audience.

There are several schools of thought as to how often to send out a newsletter. If you decide upon a ‘tip of the week’ and it’s short, insightful and easy to ready, then go for the weekly newsletter. Otherwise, most marketers suggest a monthly email as being less intrusive and less likely to end up in the trash bin.

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