Real Estate Agents and the ‘First Impression’: Three Ways to Control It

photo realtor consulting with coupleThere are several important qualities that home buyers and sellers look for when evaluating a real estate agent. But there is one all-encompassing attribute that hits on all these touch points, and that is ‘trust’. Trust is a funny thing; it can’t be built overnight, but it can be extinguished quickly by a bad first impression.

A recent article in noted, “The most important rule to follow for real estate agents is to build trust within their clients.” And, the article goes on to remark, “Real estate agents must first prove that they know what they’re doing, which starts with the first impression.”

But first impressions all too often are out of our control. So many are formed haphazardly, through a hurried phone call, or at an open house, where distracted agents may find it hard to focus on prospective clients and present themselves at their best.

As a realtor, you know how important first impressions are. The good news is that is more technology available today than ever before to help you personalize your message and control exactly how you come across to prospects and clients.

1. Email correspondence: Use your online correspondence as a way to share your personality and build trust. Take the time to include a short bio and photo at the bottom of each email. There are even apps that allow you to create a link to a living business card with a video and/or audio message and photos.

2. Newsletters: Your newsletters can include a paragraph or two that positively frame who you are and why they should do business with you. Make sure your newsletter articles are short and information packed. Good content makes a good impression.

3. Videos and ‘commercials’: This is the next best thing to meeting a client in person. There are tools and easy to use, inexpensive apps available that allow you to make spot commercials on a topic or to introduce yourself to a new client.

The bottom line is that first impressions do count. By controlling those elements you can control, such as emails, newsletter content, videos and commercials, you can go a long way towards creating a first impression you and your prospective clients can feel good about.


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