Technology for Realtors: Three Tools You Can’t Afford Not to Use

bigstock-Business-technologies-today-43292197We recently came across an interesting article by Mike Wheatley in Realtybiznews which points out how technology is helping to transform the way realtors do business with their clients and vice versa. What really is transforming us is the need to keep pace with increasing number of highly tech-savvy millennial clients; younger buyers are starting to emerge and bringing with them a general distaste for anything that takes longer than a minute. Naturally they are not going to do well with those 20 page contracts and lots of listings in small print without any photos, let alone videos!

Real estate professionals are under the gun more than ever to get into the groove of using technology to communicate, consult, sell and stay in touch with their ever-younger growing base of clients. Here are three tools that can help you get there. Time to get familiar with them:

1. Mobile devices: Make 2015 the year you upgrade your phone and buy that tablet you’ve been hearing about. Not sure what to buy? Here are some 2015 reviews from PCMag.

2. CRM/Collaboration applications: It’s all about keeping track of your accounts and being able to access and share documents, photos, videos and more. Cuts the time down dramatically that it normally takes to work through the various paperwork. The good news is that, on balance, these applications have gotten easier to use. Tools like DropBox and Evernote have gained in popularity, but there are many others, depending on what your needs are. You can read reviews and get user ratings on sites like CNET.

3. Mobile Apps: There are apps for locating properties, apps for listings, apps for tracking time. There are also apps that let you make do-it-yourself ‘commercials’ to introduce yourself and build trust. Take the time to explore. Some may make more sense for you than others.

It’s important to stress here, that no one is advocating that realtors summarily dismiss old ‘tried and true’ ways of getting new business; open houses, door-to-door calls, phone calls and mailers. At least not yet. Stay on top of the technology scene, keep yourself updated and make it a point to test drive some of the latest apps and take advantage of free software trials. The media you use to present yourself, show off your properties and communicate, could make or break your next sale.


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