Three Top Fundraising Ideas for Schools

fundraisingFundraising is the life blood of schools, especially small schools which tend to lack the funding the higher profile schools enjoy. Fundraisers can be time consuming and challenging to implement, which is probably why schools don’t sponsor more of them. After some digging around respected internet sources, such as Scholastic, we found that three fundraisers always seem to rise to the top as great ways to raise some serious cash for your school:

Raffles: One of the oldest methods in the books, yet schools still find raffles amazingly profitable, especially those in which students’ families and community members donate gift baskets, dining coupons, etc. When organized around a dinner or b-b-q event, people will mingle, have fun and purchase plenty of tickets.

Garage Sales: Some of the best k-12 garage sales are those which occur right on school grounds. Playgrounds are ideal and students can help haul out those long tables from the multi-purpose room to hold all the merchandise. Students, parents and teachers can ‘man the tables’ and students can collect the money. Add a ‘bake sale’ table and refreshments and you have a great fundraiser.

Academic Fundraisers: Read-a-thons, Spelling Bees and other academically-oriented competitions are great ways to raise money and tend to attract members of the community as well. Much like sponsoring a walk-a-thon, parents, teachers and local businesses can sponsor student achievement. This is a win-win which makes everyone feel good.

Finally, don’t rule out entering contests and sweepstakes which can be good ways to earn cash prizes. Take the time to find out about what is available for your school and in your area. Many are even launched over the internet. Make sure they are relatively easy to enter and that there is more than one prize. Find out if multiple entries are allowed.

Schools today need all the extra help they can get to meet rising administrative and technology costs. Make sure you are doing all you can to bring those extra dollars into your classrooms. Good luck!


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