Non-Technical Real Estate Agents: How to Bridge The Gap With Millennial Buyers

3174741_sFirst, here are a few key metrics from NAR and Pew Research, which we’ve shared before but bear repeating:

  • Median age of today’s ‘millennial’: 26 years old
  • Median age of today’s smart phone app user: 26 years old
  • Median age of today’s real estate agent: 56 years old

The real fact is that we have, not only a generation gap, but a communications gap, which is wider than ever, thanks to the plethora of mobile technology in the hands and pockets of millennials, who also happen to be the largest emerging ‘home buyer’ demographic.

So, for those of you who are reluctant to use new technology and tools, you need to make a choice. Avoid this (potentially very lucrative) generation altogether, or learn to adapt to their communications style, just enough to…well…communicate.

And bridging the communications gap may not be as hard as you think. RealtyPoint’s James Hussaini, points out, “Millennials have lived their whole lives with technology at their fingertips, but does that make them more independent of needing helpful advice and a knowledgeable professional by their side? Certainly not.”

The question is, is it possible to provide your younger clients with the value of your knowledge, yet in a way that respects their communications style? And, could a dose of new technology actually give you a personal advantage?

According to James Hussaini, it could. “Does technology replace the important aspects of a realtor’s value or does it enhance it? I would suggest that technology enhances the capabilities of a realtor’s efforts when used appropriately and that, with the same tools available for millennials to use in their home search, expectations are higher that the realtor’s knowledge is more comprehensive about neighborhoods, local services and the general liveability of any particular home in any specific area of the city.”

So the technology you may have been avoiding, could be the very technology that could make your life easier and add value at the same time.

If you are a realtor of a ‘certain age’ then you need to demonstrate to your younger clients that you know how to meet them on their turf, using their communications tools. That may mean replacing old communications devices with new ones. They are not as hard to use as you might think and they’ll make your life easier in the long run. But the real advantage comes when you couple your experience with a fresh new conduit to get into the heads (and hearts) of your new buying audience. You have much to share; and they have much to learn from you. Meet them half way and you’ll have a client for life.


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