Why Your School Needs to Start Bragging

dreamstime_m_26543242One of the things we teach our children is not to brag. It’s obnoxious, conceited and will lose friends fast. Children are taught to be modest and not blow their own horns. But when schools are modest and quiet about their accomplishments, nobody wins. Today, as more school districts embrace voucher systems and videos of schools go viral thanks to iPhone videos and social media, administrators need to do a little ‘marketing 101’ and start broadcasting all the great stuff that’s happening behind and outside their walls. Here are four ways to get your brag on:

  1. Student achievements: Both inside your school and within the community. Art contests, spelling bees, scholarships, and volunteer efforts need to be highlighted.
  2. Teacher excellence: In addition to the standard ‘teacher of the year’ broadcast news about teacher efforts within and outside your school. Has a teacher travelled to another country? What special skills do your teachers have? Let everyone know.
  3. Technology advances: Sure you’ve added SmartBoards and maybe a few iPads into the classroom. What are you doing to make use of the many apps and mobile platforms Let parents know when you are deploying something new.
  4. Community outreach: What is your school doing to help local charities or outreach groups? Don’t put up a small banner and keep all the publicity inside the school. Broadcast your efforts.

Administrators and teachers ask “How do we get all the news out there?” Make sure you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Establish a monthly newsletter email to send to all parents. Post to your website. Have a secretary or teacher’s aid become your central repository for all the great things your school, students and teachers are doing. Create a schedule and keep the wheels turning. Be patient. Slowly, but surely people will re-tweet, re-post, share and respond to your broadcasts. Keep it up and your school’s reputation, along with enrollment, will improve.


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