Mobile ‘Must Have’ Tools for Technology-Challenged Realtors

bigstock-Mobile-devices-44827912Yes it’s possible to use the latest technology even if you are not the most tech-savvy realtor. Using technology, such as mobile apps, has become necessary, especially for those realtors who want to attract a younger clientele. If you are still using the tools you were using five years ago, it’s time to get your head out of the sand and look around. There’s a lot of new stuff out there. Time to check it out.

Here are four ‘must have’ apps for realtors that are easy to install and use:

  • DropBox is a staple for storing and sharing documents in the cloud, so that they can be accessed anywhere. It’s great for those large files that are clunky to send in an email. You can create folders for different projects or businesses. Those you invite will only see what you want them to see. It doesn’t get any easier or more efficient than DropBox.
  • PDF Escape is perfect for realtors who store their digital signatures. The app makes it easy to add an electronic signature to PDF documents. You can upload any document and add in your signature, text and dates.
  • GLTYR is ideal for agents who want to create short multimedia ads showing off their properties and services. It lets you combine video, photo, text and audio into a short ‘commercial’ and send it to anyone, anywhere, even in bulk. No ‘membership’ needed. You can make a GLTYR for each property or one that targets different types of buyers.
  • Logmein lets you remotely access and control your computer as if you were sitting in front of it. This is useful for all those documents and listings you have stored on your home computer. Using Logmein, your clients don’t have to wait until you get ‘back to the office’ to share information that resides on your computer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the abundance of apps out there for realtors. Most of them have free trials. Take advantage of the trial period to kick the tires and make sure the app is right for you.


GLTYR is a mobile multimedia content creation and sharing service for real estate professionals and other small business service providers to quickly engage and build trust with their customers. GLTYR makes it faster, simpler and less expensive to create multimedia ads than what currently exists today.