Four Tips for Getting Realtor Testimonials

group of young biz people 1For realtors, nothing beats a solid testimonial for building trust and confidence. Testimonials are one of the few ‘old school’ tactics that continue to rank high on the list of effective marketing tools.

Yet, many realtors find it anxiety inducing and just plain awkward to ask for a testimonial. You may be surprised to find that most people are more than happy to go on record praising your efforts and expertise. But you need to approach the process properly. Here’s how:

  1. Set the expectation up front. Many realtors will begin a client relationship with words to the effect of “I will work very hard to make sure you completely satisfied with your new home and my services to you. What I may ask for in return are a few words of recommendation from you. Only if you are satisfied however. Does that work for you?” Some people make it their policy to not provide a testimonial, and that’s okay. Knowing so up front can spare you embarrassment downstream. Most clients, however, will readily agree, and it will be much easier to broach the subject when the time is right.
  2. Strike while the iron is hot. Timing is everything. And if you know your client, you should intuitively know the best time to ask. Typically sometime after the final paperwork has been signed and before the headache of actual moving day rolls around. Many realtors conduct their own informal surveys — sort of a ‘how did I do?’ self-examination. When positive words are flowing from your client, that is your cue to broach the subject; not before, not after. Assuming you’ve done your job well, you have a good chance of success.
  3. Ask with confidence. Of course if you’ve set the expectation up front, this part will flow more easily. If you have not, a good opening might be “I’ve really enjoyed working with you. And I’m glad you are happy with your home and with my services to you.” Then, after getting agreement from them, you can state your request. “I typically ask my clients for a few words of recommendation after a positive experience. May I ask for yours?”
  4. Don’t expect them to write it. Some realtors feel it is pretentious to offer to write a testimonial for their clients. It is not. Most, in fact, will be relieved at not having to come up with their own words. Offer to ‘jot down a few thoughts’ for them, and make it clear that you welcome any changes they wish to make. 90% of the time they won’t.

Mission accomplished! Once you get good at setting the expectation for a testimonial up front, timing your request properly and asking with confidence, you will find your testimonials stacking up. If you are worth your salt as a realtor, your testimonials will become a veritable marketing gold mine which you can tap over and over again.


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