Keeping Student Parents Engaged: Three Ways to Promote Students and Your School All Summer

Four reasons why selfies are making waves and getting customersAh the end of another school year! And you thought it would never come! But now, with a long summer up ahead, students and their parents will be thinking about vacations, not about your school. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The end of the year is a great time to leave students and their parents with something unique, not only to capture some of those memories, but that will also shed a positive light on their schools.

Many teachers have their students create memory books. But it’s hard to share these books when you’re out and about. How about using some of the great technology available to create something that can be readily passed along to family and friends? Here are three ‘high tech’ ideas to not only re-cap the year, but also to keep your school in the minds (and hearts) of families:

Peer Spotlights: Assign each student another student for them to create a short video message about. Of course you need to make sure the messages are positive and encouraging. Students will find ways to make even the quietest student sound fascinating, and the student’s parents will enjoy a video made by a classmate that spotlights his or her child.

Teacher/Student Messages: Create a short, personal video message about each student and send it to his or her parents. You can use one of the many apps available to do this. It is a great use of technology and younger parents will appreciate the mobile message.

Student Reflections: Now turn the spotlight on each student and ask him or her to reflect upon the school year. Have them first jot down their thoughts and practice a few times. They can share their video memories with other students and with their parents. Parents can forward them on to relatives and friends.

What are we missing here? Use your imagination. Apps like GLTYR allow for multi-media messages with video, audio, text and images. They can be sent to multiple people easily and are stored for as long as you wish to keep them.

Today schools need to keep their marketing efforts alive, even when school is not in session. Don’t be content with books and papers that can get lost or misplaced. Give students and parents something they can share on the go, wherever they are, all summer long!


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