GLTYR-PhoneGLTYR (pronounced “Glitter”) is a mobile app that helps create and present your message in less than five minutes. Your message comes alive with a picture, audio and video and up to 900 characters of text.
While GLTYR includes sections for a succinct and powerful message, its uniqueness lies in the uploading of a photograph, an audio clip, a video clip and web-links. What makes this app even more exciting is that a GLTYR message can be accomplished in as little as three to five minutes depending on the length of your message.


GLTYR is an early stage technology startup founded in Phoenix, Arizona. What does GLTYR mean? GLTYR is a spin on the word “Glitter”. It stands for “Give Life To Your Reality”.


Everyone is looking for an opportunity to shine and come alive. Communication is all about expression through pictures, video, audio and text, conveyed briefly. Because we believe that someday everyone will have a smart phone or a mobile device to create content and express themselves through pictures, video, audio and text.


GLTYR was founded by two guys over forty, working from home, who spent a combined 30+ years building and selling software for enterprise and mobile applications.

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